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Bullet Points from that Scott Allie video

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For those who can't be arsed to watch that vid, Here's the Bulletpoints from that Scott Allie Buffyfest interview.

1)Talks about what they learned form season 8-9 and compared.They were the first to do seasons in comics.Now everybody is doing it.Every season they try to fine tune.With Season 10 Scott's gotten passed trying to line up Angel seasons with buffy seasons.It's just season 10 for both.With season 8 they learned it's hard to give a big scast good service in 22 pages.In season 8 this is porbably what they did most poorly in taking care of all the characters.In season 9 they did a far better job of it such as leaving Xander on the table until they got to deal with his story.late in the season.The good thing they did in season 9 is that to take good care of the characters they sent them off in different directions.In season 10 they are going to try to do as good or a better job of taking care of the characters but keep people close.He liked having the miniseries in season 9 but does not forsee them having one book a week coming out like they did in the middle of season 9(Willow mini,Buffy,Spike mini and Angel & Faith).

2)There will be a little bit of offshoot books happening but for the most paort there will be two main titles and the story will be told within them.He thinks they got it planned in a way where they won't throw a 5 issue solo series the way they did in season 9.The Willow one was planned from the beginning.The Spike one became necessary as they saw the ways were developing.He doesn't think it will happen this time but it might.There will be atleast one side project.

3)A lot more planning went into season 9 then season 8 for Scott because Joss kept things in season 8 so close to his vest.Thedre was a lot Scott didn't know about.A lot of the stuff in season 8 was decisions he was making and planning out.Scott was in the loop on a lot of it but not all of it.The long term plan wasn't as shared collaborative experience like season 9.Because of his Marvel Joss relleid on everybody more in season 9.There was no season 8 summits.The summits started with season 9.

4)Scott talks about the season 10 summit.Funny story about how Joss dropped in as a surprise and fixed a lot of stuff.

5)It looks like Season 10 will be 30 issues.They were going for 25 again but as they started breaking down the outlines something wasn't working.There is big significant thing that happens kind of in the middle(he says this over a new cover with Buffy holding a stake,Willow it looks like floating to the upper right.A spirit someone,can't tell if it's Dawn floating by,Xander in the lower left with a baseball bat and Spike to the lower right)and as they worked out the details of the outline it was clear that significant thing needed to happen a little farther off and the math led to 30 issues for both series.So Buffy and Angel & Faith will be 30 issues in season 10 instead of 25 because that is what the story needed.

6)Scott talks balancing the throw back for fan demand vs. new characters.He tells a story about a artist situation they had and as editor Scott felt he had to deal with it but Joss wanted to because it's all about relationships.Even the writers not slated to work on season 10 want to be invlovled I nthe writers summits because it's all about relationships.And it's like that for the characters too.There is a impulse to create new characters but you get more story if someone laying around.That's how Whistler came into season 8 for his tiny role in the Riley one-shot.They were originally going to create a new character for Angel to talk to about Twilight.But it made more sense to bring Whistler in because he is already a confident Angel would talk to.They approved it with Joss and it led to Whistler hsving a more significant role in season 9.If there is character already laying around then it's better to go with them and create someone new if that character isn't laying around to use I nthat sort of situation.Pearl and Nash were created due to this.

7)Giles aunts will be around still in Angel & Faith for season 10.

8)They talked about crossing everybody over in the season 9 finales since everybody was in England.They knew Angel & Faith were living in Giles's house and The Deeper Well was close to Giles country house.What if we gave Angel & Faith a reason to go to the country house when the Buffy cast was heading to the Deeper Well.But they decided these books had their own stories to tell and decided not to in part because Scott hates when comics force readers to read books they aren't normally reading.They want these interconnected books to take place in the same world and impacted by the same things but not abuse readers by requiring readers to read both books.They did little things inseason 9 that started in the Angel & Faith boo and then showed up in the buffy book and eventually becamse a major plot point in the Buffy book.Easter egg crossovers.He doesn't know if this will become a plot point but the Buffy cast doing what they were doing in the Deeper Well may have impacted what happened in Magic Town in A & F.Maybe that climax wouldn't have been so explosive if you didn't have Buffy and her gang sticking a seed I nthe gorund in the Deeper Well.This was a crossover.Those events did impact each other.They felt that showing it to the readers was nerd service and not the way to tell a story.

9)Scott talks about the new creative teams on the books for season 10.How Will Conrad was picked as the Angel & Faith artist.

10)Faith is still in Angel & Faith but she is not with Angel.Angel & Faith was a certain type of book last season.It was Joss who came up with doing the book last season.There was a certain dynamic between Angel and Faith set by Joss and executed by Christos.In season 9 they had one thing to do.Bring back Giles.And they did it.(Scott talks about this over a new cover of a young smiling Giles surrounding by a happy Buffy,Willow and Dawn),There job is done so Angel and Faith's relationship is going to be totally different.

11)Scott talks about Spike.He says Spike fans will think he is a liar but at the beginning of season 9 he said Spike would be in Buffy's book because that's where we think he needs to be and is right for the story.That where Joss wanted him and where joss thinks the character makes the best sense.And that is the plan again for season 10 and this time they think they'll be able to do it.This time he thinks they have a better plan for what that all means and where it's all going..

12)In season 10 there are still reprocussions for how they've changed the world these last few seasons.With the new seed and the slow return of magic,things are significantly changed for the world.And Buffy and her friends did that and they will deal that but not be totally focused on it.Season 10 is about rebuilding relationships and redefining who who the main Buffy characters are to each other.What there sense of family and relationships is.There is going to be a lot of exploring that.Bringing the Scoobies back together and maybe in a way that's different from the way they were before.Thery're older now and it's healthy to redefine yourself and redifne your relationships to one another.But it's important for these characters to be together.They want to be together and in season 9 they weren't all that together.In season 10 they are going to find a way to be together.

13)Talks about the new rules of vampires.Thew new form of vampires in Buffy # 25 were written after the first season10 summit.That ending scene of season 9 was done show all bets are off on what you know about vampires.And we'll see that right away in issue 1 of Buffy S10(He says this over new interior art showing buffy fighting vamps with the Scythe).

14)Asked about young Giles.They will be moving characters around.That';s all he'll say.Talks about Joss breaking out into song singing the Friends theme song.

15)About Dawn.Was Willow referring to her or the general re-magicing of the seed when she said something felt different?Everything is different due to the return of magic and everybody will be feeling it.And something is also different about Dawn.Asked about if Dawn is still the key and Scott almost slipped something..About Dawn being the key.Everythings changed so what that means might be different now.Dawn is different.Both Willow and Xander perceive that.And it will effect Dawn and Xander's relationship.A lot of what Xander did will also effect it.A lot of the relationships will be new by the end or mid season but Xander/Dawn in particular will be going through a lot.

16)Nadira.We will find out what happened to her and how that effects her.Everything that happened in Magic Town effected characters differently.Nadira has been effected terribly by the events of season 8 and 9 and we will find out how the events that happened to her at the end of season 9 effect her in season 10.

17)No guest writiers are really planned.They talked about Andrew,Jane and Drew coming in at some point but nothing is nailed down.There is one guest writer more nailed down but they aren't ready to announce but will be really cool.One guest writer and one other side project from another writer.Bit Christos and Victor are focused on the monthlies.

18)Joss's involvement in season 10 is similar to season 9.Scott doesn't think Joss will be writing anything in season 10.He's just so busy.He is guiding it though.The big pieces were set at the summit which Joss was present.Joss also dropped by later on and helped work some big issues out.Joss really helped on one big problem they had with Angel that Joss really helped out on.There was one thing on Angel that they just couldn't figure out the right way to go and had a face to face with Joss that really helped resolve the issue.They took what he told them to do and worked it out.Whenever a big detail comes up they run it by Joss.

19)They then start talking Serenity.I'm not going to get into this.Will just keep it to the Buffy stuff.

20)Scott isn't planning to write anything in season 10.He didn't think he would in season 9 either but ended up doing some writing but he's pretty sure he won't in season 10.

21)Talks about the tone difference between Hellboy books and the Whedonverse and if anything ever overlapped.
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