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Thought I'd bring this post over from Tumblr...

Because it sums up some of the reasons I find 'Billy the vampire slayer' so problematical....

Their answer is beneath the cut..


Hi there, juno87! Host Amy here! I’m going to answer these publicly because they’re popular/interesting questions! Note that these are all opinions by Amy, and anything ignorant I might say isn’t to be affiliated with Emmy, as she hasn’t read the comics!First of all—thanks for writing in and letting us know that you’re enjoying the podcast!! It means so much to us :)

We’re asked about AtS fairly regularly, and whether or not we’re planning on covering it. As of right now, yes, we would definitely like to! However, we’re going to finish Buffy first (which may or may not include comic commentary) before we consider Angel. Many podcasts try to do them both at the same time, and they impress me a lot, because Emmy and I are super busy people and barely have the time to commit to ONE podcast! We’d rather do one at a time than spread ourselves too thin and end up podfading under all the pressure. :)

As for Billy, boy, do I have a rant for you. I’ve only read up to Issue #1 of Season 10, but I was made aware of the “new rules” (today actually! haha). I actually started a thread about it on our Forum, but long story short, I think it’s inappropriate to call someone an ally while simultaneously including them as part of the oppressed group—in this case, Slayers. I feel like the writers are missing the point of what an ally is, and what their role is.

I think it’s wrong to call him “Billy the Vampire Slayer”, but most of all, I think it’s especially inappropriate to suddenly give men a choice in the matter of becoming a Slayer, when the women who have been burdened with the calling all this time were chosen, forced into it against their will, and almost always died horribly as a result. For Billy to show up and call himself a Slayer is disrespectful. If anything, I would rather the new rules allow for Slayers to denounce their calling or choose to embrace it—but letting men into the fold in this fashion just rubs me the complete wrong way, and it sullies the entire theme of female empowerment. Are you telling me that women don’t get a choice, but men do? That being a Slayer was always a burden, but now that it’s *cool*, men get to be a part of it completely by choice? Are you shitting me, Joss???

Also, thanks for naming him “Billy”, which I’m assuming is an intentional male equivalent to “Buffy”, which just pisses me off further.

The entire show was written with female agency, identity, and empowerment in mind. To me, Billy feels 100% unnecessary and almost damaging to the plot (not to mention how even the original feminist message had its own issues, such as the gaze being exclusively on white feminism—the same can be said for white homosexuality. It’s such a fucking shame to me, and I see a lot of potential about to be wasted).

I could be wrong about Billy, and where the story is going, but as of right now I don’t agree with it and I don’t think it’s going to make for a compelling arc. I think it’s just going to be a bunch of wank with the writers essentially giving themselves a free license to rewrite all of the Buffy lore, something we already love and that doesn’t need changed. I don’t fear change—just don’t fuck up the entire universe with the changes you’re making. Why don’t you concentrate on making GOOD changes instead, like introducing more diverse characters, and giving them something to do other than be Slayers? Since, y’know, you already have an assload of those.

It also feels like they’re chunking Billy’s plight as a gay male in with the struggles women face—which, to me, is unfair. We’re not all the same and our issues are just as diverse, and thus deserve their own diverse storylines. Billy should have his own storyline and shouldn’t need to be considered a Slayer for the readers to empathize with or care about him. If anything, it makes me like him less.

Homosexual character that actually has to deal with homosexual struggles? AWESOME. Because we never really got that from Willow. Doing it at the cost of the message of female empowerment that is the series’ foundation? Not awesome. Not awesome at all.

At this point, it could go either way—it could be a really cool progression or a complete failure—I’m hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. :/

Okay, NEW GILES. I’m a little wigged, but for the most part, intrigued. Popping a boner over Faith’s boobies creeped me out, but I’m also interested in the potential dynamic shift between him and Buffy. All this time, he’s served as a father figure and mentor. It’s almost like the tables are turned now, which I find interesting. Giles is of course mentally the same age he was, but his physical age is going to be an obstacle that he’ll most likely need Buffy’s help overcoming. I got so emotional at the end of S10 Issue #1 when they ran at each other and hugged, it was so sweet. Also, kid!Giles is so adorable, and I think he’ll translate better into the comic medium in this state. There’s still a lot of room for them to fuck this up (Seriously, my trust is broken after the shitshow that was the Twilight arc), but I’m really hoping they don’t.

I could probably rant for days about this kind of stuff, but let’s cut it off here. xD Thanks for writing!!!

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